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Covid 19 Vaccination for people aged 18-59 at very high risk or high risk of severe disease

We are currently offering appointments for Covid 19 vaccinations to people aged 18-59 who are at very high risk or high risk of disease, in line with HSE guidance. 

Please read the lists below and if you think you fall into group 4 or group 7 please phone our reception staff 01 2320601 or 6680077. 

Details of these groups can be read  here. 

Group 4 Very High Risk

Group 7 High Risk

Important: If you are aged 18-59 years and 

currently receiving cancer treatment OR

currently on kidney dialysis OR waiting for kidney dialysis OR

currently on an immunosuppressive drug (for example Cyclophosphamide, Alemtuzumab, Rituximab,  Cladribine or Ocrelizumab),

and have not received an appointment for a vaccine,  please contact us on 01 2320601 or 01 6680077 .

Pregnancy and Covid 19 Vaccine

Pregnant women will be offered a Covid 19 vaccine by their maternity hospital between 14-36 weeks gestation. 

Pregnant women are offered mRNA COVID-19 vaccination between 14 and 36 completed weeks’ gestation following an individual benefit/risk discussion with their obstetric care giver. For most people, getting a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it is available is the safest choice. The National Maternity Hospital have developed this decision aid to help you make a choice about getting the vaccine. 

Pregnancy and Covid 19 Vaccine decision Aid

Here is some information about the vaccination programme in the National Maternity Hospital

National Maternity Hosptial Covid 19 Vaccine Programme

To hear about Covid Vaccine, fertility and pregnancy you can listen to this interview with Claire Byrne on RTE Radio 

RTE Radio Covid Vaccine and Pregnancy

HSE Covid 19 Vaccination for patients aged 50-69

All citizens between the ages of 50 and 69 have been invited to register on the HSE portal to receive an invitation for a vaccine appointment. 

What you need to register?

You will need an email address, mobile phone number and your PPS number. 

Register by phone

If you cannot register on line, you can phone the HSE helpline and register over the phone 1850241850.

For more info on the portal,read here HSE info on vaccine for 50-69

Menopause Clinic

If you are experiencing symptoms of the menopause or if you want to discuss any aspect of the menopause, please phone reception and ask for an appointment with Dr Miriam Daly. A check up with your GP around the time of the menopause will include a discussion about menopausal symptoms, a general medical check up, screening, lifestyle advice, bone health discussion, blood tests and advice about HRT. 

Dr Daly has 20 years of experience providing care to women in the menopause and previously worked as Director for Womens Health in the Irish College of General Practice ( 2009-2019) running education for GPs on all aspects of womens health including the menopause.


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