Clinics & Services

Our practice works as a team, including family doctors, our practice nurse and reception staff. We provide a wide range of individual and family medical services. As well as caring for your general medical problems and wellbeing, we also provide the following specific services:  

General Health Screening  

General health checks including blood pressure, pulse, weight, urinalysis, BMI, bloods and or ECG. Visual acuity, fundoscopy. Breast & prostate examination. Peak expiratory flow.          

Cervical Smear Testing

We are registered providers of free smear testing under the Cervical check programme to women aged 25 to 60 years. To register for this programme log on to or phone 1800 45 45 55. We also provide private smear testing for women that are not eligible for this programme.

Childhood Vaccinations

We provide all the routine baby vaccines that are on the Immunisation Schedule and these are free to every baby.

Travel Vaccination

Our practice provides a comprehensive travel vaccination service, including yellow fever vaccination. Please allow plenty of time to complete your vaccines before travelling. For your convenience, please contact our practice nurse, Clair Wallace, in advance of your visit, [6-8 weeks] to allow her to organise the requirements for your trip.

Mens Health

General healthcare, blood pressure, testicular and prostate screening.

Women’s Health

We offer comprehensive screening services for women, including breast examination, smear testing, cholesterol testing and diabetes screening, blood pressure measurement as well as advice on issues from breast feeding to the menopause. General family planning advice, morning-after pill, Mirena, Jaydess,Copper IUD insertion & removal, Implanon insertion & removal, depot injections. We offer pre conceptual care and advice as well as having experience in supporting couples during fertility treatment.

Menopause Clinic

If you are experiencing symptoms of the menopause or if you want to discuss any aspect of the menopause, please phone reception and ask for an appointment with Dr Miriam Daly. A check up with your GP around the time of the menopause will include a discussion about menopausal symptoms, a general medical check up, screening, lifestyle advice, bone health discussion, blood tests and advice about HRT. 

Dr Daly has 20 years of experience providing care to women in the menopause and previously worked as Director for Womens Health in the Irish College of General Practice ( 2009-2019) running education for GPs on all aspects of womens health including the menopause.

Maternity Care

We are happy to provide shared maternity care, which is free to everyone, in partnership with the local maternity hospitals. This programme also covers a 2 week check for your baby and a 6 week check for you and your baby. Just ask your doctor how to sign up for this programme early in your pregnancy.

Read more here. Pregnancy care in our practice


For benign skin lesions, warts and verucca's. Please book to see a doctor. 

Employment Medicals

We offer pre employment medicals by our Doctors. Please specify if this is the appointment type when booking.

Blood Tests

We are happy to offer appointments for blood testing on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings in our surgery at Irishtown & Ringsend Primary Care Centre. We offer testing such as cholesterol, diabetes screening[blood glucose], thyroid function, full blood count, kidney & liver function, hormonal levels and PSA among others as ordered by your GP. If you wish to have a blood test done you must see a GP first and the GP will decide which blood tests you require and will give you a form to have the blood tests done. You can then book an appointment with our nurses for the blood test. 

There is a very efficient blood test service in St Vincents University Hospital that is free of charge. To attend this service you must first see your GP who will decide which blood tests you require and will give you a blood test form. You can make an appointment for blood tests in St Vincents Hospital at St Vincents University Hospital Blood Tests or by phoning 01 2214590.

Driving Fitness Tests

We provide a full medical assessment for fitness to drive including eye tests. 

Ear syringe

You must see a GP who will examine your ears and indicate if you need ear syringing. Ears must be prepared pre syringing. Please use softening drops ( Waxol, Cerumol)  three times daily for three days. 



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